Volunteer McKinney is committed to making this community the best it can be through community-wide events and highlighting all the great works of volunteers at local recognition and awards ceremonies.

By hosting the National Make a Difference Day each year, we offer local citizens a way to connect with their community through service. Citizens can meet new people and get in touch with local nonprofits. It is only through giving freely of our time and talents that we truly understand our community and the needs of others.

Volunteer recognition events offer the community a chance to applaud local volunteers and their efforts on behalf of nonprofits and groups who are at the forefront of providing services to those in need.

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Since 1998, Volunteer McKinney has connected volunteers to local nonprofit organizations and has provided assistance to organizations.

Volunteer McKinney knows that there is still work to do, and we are committed to help McKinney remain one of the greatest places to live and raise a family. We are moving into a new era at Volunteer McKinney and hope you will join us as we support this community and reach out to others through service in new and exciting ways!

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